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  The value of your documents or messages should be preserved in their translated versions. Language Interface serves this purpose. Our translations make your life easier, place you ahead of your competition, save you time and guard you against potential disastrous miscommunications. We make dictionaries and glossaries that help boosting productivity and translation quality. Our free online dictionary LexSite offers more than 3 million lexical units in 300 fields of knowledge in four languages and is among the most powerful lexical resources. Translation professionals who are interested in joining the company can learn more about career opportunities here. We also offer linguistic resources that facilitate their work and improve its quality.
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"I have noticed that Language Interface Inc. uses interpretation techniques that greatly increase the productivity of my meetings with my Russian counterparts. They interpret beyond the word for word translation that less skilled interpreters perform."

Steven Suchting, Onboard Computer System Development, NASA

Professionals by decree
I came across a blog post published on Sarah Dillon’s site: “Some of the best translators I know don’t have a degree in translation, so they are certainly not a requirement to becoming a translator. However, an increasing number of newcomers to the profession are opting to pursue a formal (usually postgraduate) qualification in the field.”

It is an interesting point. Does a degree in translation help developing a career, get a steady flow of freelance work or become a good translator?...

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