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Language Interface
Communicating across languages can be challenging.
People use our translations to avoid the problems that can arise.

The company at a glance

Established in 1994 to produce high-quality communications in the English-Russian language pair in the most fast and cost-efficient fashion.

Specialization: top-of-the-line Russian translations
The company is focused on a single language pair, thus concentrating efforts on the specifics of this particular field of knowledge. Our translation team is made up of the most talented individuals, experienced both in science/engineering and linguistics.

Unmatched quality and turnaround speed
The company operates 24/7, which is extremely important for clients operating on a tight schedule.
We respond immediately to the linguistic needs of our clients.

Developer of proprietary linguistic resources
We develop dictionaries, glossaries and content management systems to boost the efficiency of the translation process.

Projects we have served

  • International Space Station, NASA
  • Caspian Pipeline Project, Fluor Daniel
  • Millennium Development Goal Reports for United Nations
  • Shuttle-Mir Space Program, NASA
  • SGP/SGI Project, Parsons-Fluor Daniel
  • Onshore Processing Facility, WorleyParsons
  • Numerous consulting projects, McKinsey & Co.
  • Integrated Cargo Carrier Project, Spacehab
  • Kashagan Field Development, AGIP
  • Automatic Control Systems Development, Silvertech
  • Oil Mist Generating System LubriMist, LSC
  • Tengizshevroil Project Evaluations, IPA
  • PR Campaign Program, Public Strategies
  • Geophysical study, JNOC
  • Cincom Marketing Materials
  • Caspian Environment Programme, TACIS
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  • NASA
  • United Nations
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Fluor Daniel
  • WorleyParsons
  • Lockheed-Martin
  • Norton Rose
  • Spacehab, Inc.
  • Silvertech Systems
  • PFD

"I have noticed that Language Interface Inc. uses interpretation techniques that greatly increase the productivity of my meetings with my Russian counterparts. They interpret beyond the word for word translation that less skilled interpreters perform."

Steven Suchting, Onboard Computer System Development, NASA

Professionals by decree
I came across a blog post published on Sarah Dillon’s site: “Some of the best translators I know don’t have a degree in translation, so they are certainly not a requirement to becoming a translator. However, an increasing number of newcomers to the profession are opting to pursue a formal (usually postgraduate) qualification in the field.”

It is an interesting point. Does a degree in translation help developing a career, get a steady flow of freelance work or become a good translator?...

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