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Translations in the energy sector call for broad knowledge in sciences, technology, economics and regulations. In aerospace sector special terminology is a powerful language feature as well as a way to establish efficient communications. From design to commissioning construction projects move on a tight schedule. This leaves no room for poor communcations. Legal texts feature special linguistic patterns and meticulous wording. Whether it is a purchase contract or a memorandum of understanding... Reach your audience with the right message that aligns with your clients' values and cultural references. The right words put in the right way is the key to making the right impression. Our translations for public agencies and organizations such as the United Nations are often intended for publications, and that is why we are so meticulous in selection of words and expressions.
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"I have noticed that Language Interface Inc. uses interpretation techniques that greatly increase the productivity of my meetings with my Russian counterparts. They interpret beyond the word for word translation that less skilled interpreters perform."

Steven Suchting, Onboard Computer System Development, NASA

Professionals by decree
I came across a blog post published on Sarah Dillon’s site: “Some of the best translators I know don’t have a degree in translation, so they are certainly not a requirement to becoming a translator. However, an increasing number of newcomers to the profession are opting to pursue a formal (usually postgraduate) qualification in the field.”

It is an interesting point. Does a degree in translation help developing a career, get a steady flow of freelance work or become a good translator?...

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