Aerospace translations: failure is not an option Aerospace terminology used correctly and consistently
is essential for successful translation. We handle this with our terminology control system that tracks special terms and their
use throughout projects to keep them consistent and accurate.
  No failures are allowed in aerospace projects — and that is also applicable to translations for them. This greatly depends on the proper use of terminology, which has to be correct, straightforward and consistent across the project documentation. Language Interface handles this with its terminology management processes. We have translated thousands of pages of mission-critical documents for international aerospace projects and we ensure the highest quality, attention to detail and speed of service for corporate clients involved in international business.
  • Interface control documents
  • Attitude control
  • Ground support equipment
  • Flight rules
  • Guidance, navigation and tracking
  • Onboard equipment
  • Test procedures
  • Dynamic load analyses
  • EMC testing
  • Launch site operations
  • Ground segment
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