Energy in translation Any international project requires translation. The translator has to release the energy contained in the texts and make it available for consumers, saving them time and costs, enabling engineers and managers to clearly understand their international counterparts.
  The muiltifaceted nature of the energy sector poses special requirements for the translator regarding knowledge of science, technology, regulations and economics. We have acquired this knowledge working in many projects related to the construction of power plants, the exploration, production, processing and transportation of oil, gas and coal, the development of renewable energy sources, and the design and installation of instrumentation at energy facilities and pipelines. Our experience includes regulatory and environmental protection issues. • Oil and gas production, coal mining
• Fossil fuel power plants
• Design and management of power grids
• Oil and gas midstream and downstream technologies
• CCGT units
• Automatic control systems and SCADA
• Pipeline networks
• Renewable energy
• Regulatory and economic issues
• Health, safety and environmental protection
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