Maintaining the laws of translation When it comes to the interpretation and application of the law, the importance of wording can hardly be overestimated. In legal matters a slight change in language or syntactic structure can
make a tremendous difference in the interpretation of the text.
  Accuracy is often viewed as a measure of translation quality, but a completely accurate translation can be misunderstood due to the wrong sentence structure or wording. This may result in adverse legal implications. Besides, language has a dynamic nature, it reflects changes in society and in thinking. Human comprehension of language is continuously changing and translations have to follow these changes. Confidentiality is another point that is often overlooked. Sending a text for translation to an agency that is a mere manager of hundreds of on-call translators can jeopardize the client’s interests. We have a small and dedicated team that we know well, thus ensuring the complete confidentiality of information we receive from our clients, meticulous attention to detail and observance of the specifications of legal language.
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