Finding a common language Translation is more than a transfer of information. It is a way
to unite people for a good purpose and to help them understand each other. Our ultimate goal is to enable people to communicate as if they spoke the same language.
  Translating for public organizations is a way to deliver important messages to large groups of people in
a transparent and appealing manner. Translations of such texts usually require thorough work on style
and meticulous verification of accuracy since they
are often intended to be published. Working for such clients such as the United Nations we have proved
our ability to handle translations of their materials with
the highest level of professionalism.
  • The Millennium Development Goal reports
  • The Question of Palestine & the United Nations
  • World Energy Forum
  • UN Climate Change Summit
  • United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)
  • Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
  • UNiTE to End Violence Against Women
  • UN Human Rights Day
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