Joining Language Interface Exciting work and good pay is a proposal that is hard to turn
down. Our team members stay with the company for many years, producing top-quality translations they can be proud of.

Does this job suit you?

This company is a good place for translators who love their work and are ready to learn new subjects and terminology. In our team you can use your talents in a truly professional environment. The beauty of this work is that you will never get bored due to the vast variety and innovative nature of our texts. Working on a team of true professionals will help you to improve your knowledge and confidence.

Do you suit this job?

It depends on you. You are not expected to know all disciplines (nobody does), but to continuously learn when it comes to translation. You will quickly have to get into the essence and details of the subject to be translated, to put yourself in the shoes of the author. To do so you have to be open-minded and want to improve your knowledge. Is that you?
If you have talent, skills and a passion for translation work, fill out the form below, attach your resume and we will start our dialog.

Working at Language Interface — what's it like?

  • Get involved in the most advanced international projects
  • Be at the cutting edge of science and technology, deal with modern economic and social phenomena
  • Learn new terminology
  • Enhance your skills among experienced professionals
  • Make good living
  • Work flexible hours
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We offer public and custom dictionaries. You are welcome to use LexSite - a suit of free access dictionaries and corpora, offering lexical units in 300 fields of knowledge. You are welcome to use our free suit of dictionaries Lexsite; if you have special needs for custom-made dictionaries or glossaries, contact us.


Professionals by decree
I came across a blog post published on Sarah Dillon’s site: “Some of the best translators I know don’t have a degree in translation, so they are certainly not a requirement to becoming a translator. However, an increasing number of newcomers to the profession are opting to pursue a formal (usually postgraduate) qualification in the field.”

It is an interesting point. Does a degree in translation help developing a career, get a steady flow of freelance work or become a good translator?...