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Observance of the language norm is a must for everyone whose occupation requires professional use of the language: translators, teachers, journalists. No one cancelled this requirement even though it seems that the colloquial language takes over...

Intuitively it seems that taking semantics out of the equation is like taking the brain out resolutions in the courts of law. Automation is making its way into all aspects of business in the 21st century, but is it not prudent to try understand the limitations first?

Think twice before reading Leonardo's notes through machine translation - you may misinterpret his concepts. [This observation is about translation into Russian and is posted in the Russian language only]

The difference between perseptions by the reader of the original text and that of the translation recepient shall be accounted for...

Тhe involvement of unlimited number of individuals the practice of lexicography leads to transformation of the dictionary from a reference source of information to an unsystematic mess of unverified data and, in some cases, into a site for declaration of lexicographic views for non-professionals.

They often ask: "Who would need all these talks about the translation quality? Why bother making new dictionaries?..