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Learning Russian Language

Russian language school

The Russian Language School runs Russian as Second Language classes for adults and children. It also offers training on Russian stylistics for adults, both native speakers of Russian and those with profound knowledge of the Russian language.

We provide training for the Russian language Unified State Exam (ЕГЭ) for students of Russian high schools.

The school is run by professor Elena Berg. Mrs. Berg holds a Ph.D. in Russian Philology and has been teaching Russian for more than 25 years. She published two textbooks and more than 90 research papers on the subject.

Russian Textbook

Soon to be published: a new textbook for the speakers of English who begin learning Russian (levels A1 and A2).

The textbook contains brief phonetical instructions, explanation of the grammar and cultural notes in English, texts, dialogues, excersises in Russian, and an English-Russian / Russian-English dictionary.